A New Approach to Propensity Modeling

Propensity modeling is a powerful tool that can cut through the noise to find the constituents most likely to give to your cause. Unfortunately, most organizations are not equipped to leverage results or understand their impact.

Join Windfall’s CEO, Arup Banerjee, to hear his insights on mapping existing solutions, evaluating vendors, and implementing predictive models to maximize success. Arup will be going through topics like labeling data, choosing the right target, feature engineering, and how to evaluate model performance. Most importantly, he showcases how implementing machine learning algorithms is not a one-time project and requires ongoing measurement to maximize ROI.

Hosted with NPLL, this session explores:

  • How to map the existing market and solutions for propensity models
  • Understanding the types of questions to ask vendors during evaluations
  • The difference between “off-the-shelf” and “bespoke” models
  • Best practices around implementing and measuring results

Watch the session