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Tim Krozek Joins the Windfall Leadership Team as Chief Revenue Officer

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Windfall Data, Inc. (“Windfall”), the most trusted and accurate provider of insights and democratized intelligence on people, announced today that Tim Krozek has been named Chief Revenue Officer (“CRO”). In this role, Krozek will oversee Windfall’s go-to-market functions including Sales, Revenue Operations, Customer Success, and Marketing. He will focus Windfall’s 100% year-over-year growth and tremendous customer momentum into a strategic execution plan across revenue-generating teams.

“With the massive growth Windfall has experienced over the last year, we are thrilled to welcome Tim to the team,” said Arup Banerjee, CEO and Co-Founder of Windfall. “His extensive background in data and digital marketing, combined with our shared customer-first vision of how to continue to deliver while we grow, makes Tim the perfect addition to our leadership team. He brings a wealth of experience and knowledge, and we look forward to his contributions to continue to accelerate our growth.”

Tim brings two decades of leadership and revenue generation success from building businesses in both enterprise and start-up environments. Prior to joining Windfall, Tim worked at Netscape, Yahoo, AOL, Efficient Frontier (acquired by Adobe), Support.com (SPRT) and most recently was the CRO at Upwave. Across his career, Tim has helped companies grow and raise the bar for performance across functional areas. As CRO, he has a strong track record of growing revenue, strengthening customer relationships, developing teams, and building strong company culture with an eye on profitability.

“Given the success that Windfall has enjoyed and the continued momentum, I’m thrilled to join the team.” Krozek said. “Windfall’s solutions offer a new way to solve data and analytics challenges that have persisted for years across a multitude of industries. I am excited to help Windfall grow and continue to shake up legacy approaches that are ripe for disruption. I look forward to helping our customer-facing teams build new long-lasting partnerships and strengthen established customer relationships.”

The news of Krozek’s appointment follows Windfall’s expansion into new vertical markets and several recent product announcements, including the launch of new solutions such as Windfall for Nonprofit Marketers and the new Windfall Application.

Windfall is a people intelligence and AI company that gives go-to-market teams actionable insights. By democratizing access to people data, organizations can intelligently prioritize go-to-market resources to drive greater business outcomes. Powered by best-in-class machine learning and propensity modeling, Windfall activates insights into workflows that engage the right people for each respective organization. More than 800 data-driven organizations use Windfall to power their business.


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