An Introduction to Programmatic Direct Mail and How it Accelerates ROI

Direct mail programs can be challenging since they require ample planning, a large capital outlay, and precise targeting. That being said, organizations can augment their operations with a different and lighter weight approach: programmatic direct mail. 

Programmatic direct mail helps automate the process of direct marketing with intelligent workflows and generally taps into best-in-class machine learning. Understanding how to develop, measure, and drive these programs further is critical to marketing teams who want to combat digital overload and enhance marketing ROI.

Watch our webinar, led by Windfall CEO, Arup Banerjee, to gather valuable insights on the advantages of building and optimizing a programmatic direct mail program to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your direct mail efforts.

Specifically, in this session, Arup will discuss:

  • Trends in direct marketing over the past 15 years
  • Challenges and opportunities with direct mail initiatives 
  • Understanding Programmatic Direct Mail versus prospecting initiatives
  • How to build a data-driven, highly efficient programmatic direct mail campaign
  • Case studies from the field, showcasing how organizations improved their approach through segmentation and intelligent workflows 



Arup Banerjee

Co-Founder & CEO, Windfall

Watch the session