Gain a Unified View of Your Constituents with Windfall Data Link

Understanding your donors and prospects is a critical component of development success. Yet many organizations are faced with the challenge of an accumulation of duplicative data or data spread across disparate systems, departments, and locations. While many organizations – healthcare providers, institutions of higher education, multi-chapter national organizations, and the arts – have a clear business purpose for maintaining different systems of record, they are often left with a fragmented view of their constituent profiles.

Discover how Windfall’s new Data Link solution creates a system of truth from your organization’s multiple systems of record to provide a complete picture of your constituents. By applying a proven data-science approach, Windfall solves the pain of reconciling the data you already have and arms you with a trustworthy and actionable set of insights to power your fundraising efforts.

What you’ll learn:

  • How disparate data impacts nonprofit development
  • The challenges of deduplication
  • How Windfall’s Data Link solution works
  • Common use cases


Arup Windfall

Arup Banerjee

CEO, Windfall

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