Engaging Consumers During Economic Uncertainty

Windfall works with data-driven organizations to identify, understand, engage and measure performance for go-to-market teams. Windfall is able to do this through democratizing access, insights, and workflow on people data. The underlying identity graph is updated on a weekly cadence.

Given Windfall’s unique vantage point, we have important insights on how consumers are impacted by recessions and recovery periods. Windfall follows changes in economic trends very closely, as understanding this is critical to our modeling efforts. Many organizations are currently grappling with marketing spend, go-to-market operations, and still driving business outcomes.

During this webinar, Windfall CEO Arup Banerjee will share these trends and how this potential economic downturn could look for your organization. Specifically, in this webinar, you will learn:

  • Historical trends in consumer behavior economic downturns and current insights on today's economic environment
  • How the economy and wealth differs from the stock market
  • Marketing & go-to-market budgets and understanding predictions over the next 12-18 months
  • Windfall’s recommendations for how data-driven organizations should respond


Arup Windfall

Arup Banerjee

CEO, Windfall

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