How Inspirato Levels up Data-Driven Marketing and Infuses Intelligence Across the Business

All marketers want to be data-driven, but “being data-driven” is often narrowed to tactical campaigns and one-off initiatives. While leveraging insights and machine learning can be helpful for individual campaigns, marketing is transformed when data drives the entire strategy. Hear from Michael Flanagan, VP of Marketing at Inspirato, and Arup Banerjee, CEO of Windfall, to learn how to build a top-down approach for understanding data and applying insights across the business.

You'll take away:

  • Practical tips for balancing marketing tactics with business strategy
  • The best methods for using data to define and measure revenue and brand objectives
  • An understanding of how data science can transform your advertising strategy


Arup Windfall

Arup Banerjee

CEO, Windfall


Michael Flanagan

VP of Marketing, Inspirato

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