Wealth Screening at Scale: A Discussion with the University of Minnesota 

While it’s common knowledge that wealth screening is critical for effective fundraising, not all wealth screening is the same, and there are many reasons to go beyond the basics. From understanding prospects’ total net worth to activating wealth intelligence across their organization, the University of Minnesota leverages advanced strategies to supercharge fundraising efforts. Join David Peterson, Manager of Data and Analytics at the University of Minnesota, and Mike Vincent, VP of Customer Success at Windfall, to gain insight into fresh approaches to wealth screening that make a big financial difference for any organization. You’ll learn:

  • How to take wealth screening to the next level
  • The advantages of making wealth screening part of your monthly workflows
  • Why accurate identity data across multiple systems can improve fundraising returns
  • Concepts in using career intelligence to advance wealth screening even further


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Mike Vincent

VP of Customer Success, Windfall

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David Peterson

Manager of Data and Analytics at the University of Minnesota

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