Building Data Driven Personas with Accurate People Data 

Tuesday, March 12th, at 12:00 PM ET / 9:00 AM PT

Who are my key personas? How do I create and maintain them? And when should I double down?

Incorrect data and targeting cost marketing teams over $20 billion every year. With new privacy restrictions and the deprecation of the cookie, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to develop an accurate understanding of your customers. But, what if you could confidently target your ideal customer profiles (ICPs) across your entire marketing lifecycle? Come learn how to unify your team’s brand and acquisition efforts with a data-driven approach to persona development. 

By augmenting your first party with accurate third party wealth, career, and life event data, you can develop high-confidence personas that drive targeted go-to-market strategies from lead conversion to customer retention and re-engagement.  With data-driven personas, you develop an accurate understanding of the households you are winning, what attributes they share, and how this varies across channels, geographies, and product lines.

Join Windfall subject matter experts, Raj Hiresave and Harry Morton, to explore the best practices for developing data-driven personas and how you can use them to drive customer acquisition, segmentation, and loyalty.

This session will explore:

  • What is a data-driven persona and how they change over time
  • Best practices for maintaining accuracy across geos, product lines, and channels
  • Considerations for leveraging modern third party people data

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Raj Hiresave

Implementation Specialist, Windfall

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Harry Morton

Product Manager, Windfall

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