Wealth Screening: Gift Capacity vs. Precise Net Worth Data?

Wealth screening is a fantastic tool for investigating both donors and prospects to accelerate your development efforts.

While this process should speed up your overall workflow, there are several potential drawbacks to consider: (1) you may not be using the right metric, (2) the underlying data might be inaccurate, and (3) you might be limited to a subset of your overall database.

This whitepaper specifically covers a common debate: which metric is better for wealth screening: gift capacity or precise net worth data? We define precise net worth data not as a score or a range but the actual figure. For example: John Smith’s net worth is $22.8 million. We will review the definition of each data point and how it can be used in your organization. 

Written specifically with prospect research and development professionals in mind, this whitepaper covers four major topics about Wealth Screening:

  • Understanding Gift Capacity
  • Understanding Net Worth
  • Common issues with each metric in wealth screenings
  • How to approach wealth screening at your organization

Please fill out the form to request a copy of the whitepaper. We hope you get a better sense of the best metric for your nonprofit and how you can become a more data-driven organization.

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