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The Rise of Digital Philanthropy

Windfall Team

The age of technology has brought us a long way in a very short amount of time, but few things have catapulted us into the digital age as fast as the recent pandemic. People have gotten less face-to-face interaction than ever and digital art, digital currency, and digital meetings have become commonplace. Everything is headed in this direction and philanthropy is no exception.

What does “digital philanthropy” mean though? It’s easy to give fancy terms to simple concepts, but it means that people are increasingly making donations and contributions via digital platforms, applications, and tools. According to Fidelity Charitable, nearly 60% of donors said they made a donation directly on an organization’s website during the pandemic. Nontraditional donation platforms like GoFundMe have also seen impressive growth, with 39% of all donors and 57% of millennial donors, utilizing an online giving platform over the past year. Fundraising organizations have an incredible opportunity to get creative when it comes to fundraising efforts.

Does your organization currently have a way for donors to make a contribution digitally?

Online giving is being driven by the Millenial age group but continues to be adopted by donors across the board With more and more tech-savvy generations following, digital philanthropy is only going to grow in popularity. 

Check out our customer roundtable video and learn how other organizations have adapted and used wealth screening data and insights to take a data-driven approach to digital fundraising.

Here’s more reading on trends in digital philanthropy and the implications of adopting and not adopting some of these digital methods:


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