Windfall for Retail

Drive conversion and sales by targeting the right shoppers. In a constantly changing retail climate, Windfall gives you the power to break through the noise, focus your resources, and maximize profitability.

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Acquire net-new customers who match your ideal profile

Easily launch and manage hyper-targeted acquisition campaigns focused on people likely to have high lifetime value. Leverage the Windfall Application to activate segments across channels.

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Understand customer cohorts and valuable segments

Gain important customer insights in order to create more relevant impactful messaging, content, offers, and workflows across your campaigns.

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Drive more results from direct marketing campaigns

Focus campaigns such as catalogs or promotional direct mail offers on the individuals most likely to respond.

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Cultivate relationships, retention, and value with the right customers 

Drive repeat purchases, average order values, and upsells and cross-sells by targeting individuals who are likely to engage and increase your profitability. 

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Learn how Windfall boosts conversion and sales.

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