Windfall for Analytics, Product, and Data Science

Power insights and workflows with data you can trust. Go beyond the limitations of legacy data providers and gain deep insights into customers, constituents, and prospects to power more efficient workflows. 

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Gain important insights with a new approach to data enrichment

Enable your organization to be more data-driven. Enrich your database with accurate and up-to-date data to drive more impactful analytics and insights. 

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Get an accurate picture of the business metrics that matter most to you

Leverage predictive analytics to understand business KPIs such as customer lifetime value, customer acquisition cost, total addressable market, and more.

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Sharpen your segmentation strategy

Identify segments that are likely to respond and drive more impactful engagement in response to cross-channel campaigns. 

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Enable relevant and timely personalization

Better target and personalize experiences to the right segments in order to drive greater conversion across the sales and marketing funnel.

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Easily build, track, and measure segments and cohorts

Create segments and cohorts that you can accurately track over time. Measure campaign effectiveness as well as understand behaviors, conversions, and ROI from precise segments. 

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Learn how Windfall powers insights and workflows.

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