Windfall Enrichment

Enable go-to-market teams with critical insights. Enrich your customer database with Windfall’s accurate, deterministic insights that are always up-to-date so you can intelligently prioritize go-to-market resources to drive greater business outcomes.

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Infuse Windfall insights into your systems

Easily bring valuable insights into your customer database and CRM. Powered by predictive intelligence and powerful Windfall attributes, gain intelligence that stays fresh, accurate, and relevant.

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Qualify and prioritize the right leads

Understand which leads should be your team’s top priority. Focus retargeting campaigns on ideal prospects and help sales teams optimize their time and focus.

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Engage with high value customers

Enhance live interactions in the call center, in physical locations, and through other 1:1 engagement channels. Understand which clients should receive white-glove treatment.

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Activate insights into workflows and campaigns

Transform Windfall-driven customer insights into segments for workflows and campaigns. Activate audiences into cross-channel campaigns that deliver greater engagement and response. 

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Windfall has led to a ton of efficiency, in everything from our advertising spend to our sales peoples' time to overall success in the company." 
Michael Flanagan VP, Marketing, Inspirato



Windfall integrations

Windfall enriches data in all environments, and activates insights across channels.

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with Windfall.

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