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Windfall Announces New Application to Give Go-To-Market Teams Strategic Customer Insights and the Power to Activate Intelligent Workflows

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Today, Windfall Data, Inc. (“Windfall”), the most trusted and accurate provider of insights and democratized intelligence on people, announced the general availability of the Windfall Application that gives go-to-market teams direct access to the Windfall platform. The Windfall Application enables fast and agile activation of insights into go-to-market workflows, such as granular cohort analyses, real-time campaign building, and automated predictive scores on buyer intent.

The Windfall Application unlocks a wide range of use cases critical to empowering data-driven organizations, including:

  • Segment and market analysis – Accurately measure market potential and perform ad-hoc cohort analyses to help inform strategic planning and decision making
  • Automated data-driven workflows – Create rule-based workflows to help automate and increase conversions, which removes tedious manual steps
  • Predictive propensity scoring – Score leads and customers for smarter lead prioritization and routing, leveraging best-in-class machine learning technologies
  • Intelligent retargeting campaigns – Boost retargeting ROI with extended match rates that complement first party data, including digital, social, TV, and direct marketing
  • Net-new acquisition of high valued leads – Create and activate highly valuable look-alike segments into cross-channel campaigns based on your ideal customer profile
  • Omnichannel attribution for campaigns - Test and optimize your segmentation and targeting strategy across multiple channels, marketing campaigns, and sales strategies


“We are thrilled to give our customers access to the power of the Windfall platform through the intuitive, easy-to-use Windfall Application,” said Arup Banerjee, CEO & Co-founder of Windfall. “Windfall has always provided accurate insights to our customers to empower data-driven organizations. There is no other platform that marries accurate data, predictive modeling, campaign performance, and intelligent workflows like the Windfall Application.”

To learn more about the new Windfall Application, register for our upcoming demo webinar and visit our website.

About Windfall
Windfall helps nonprofit and commercial organizations make critical strategic decisions by putting their databases in a contextual framework through advanced people intelligence, Windfall’s proprietary dataset. Powered by AI, Windfall’s platform provides a 360-degree view of the database to accelerate workflows and drive better performance. More than 800 organizations use Windfall to identify and engage affluent consumers.


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