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Windfall’s New Integration with Shopify Empowers Retailers to Better Identify, Understand, and Engage Customers

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SAN FRANCISCO | October 26, 2023 – Windfall Data, Inc. (“Windfall”), the leader in people intelligence and activating go-to-market data through artificial intelligence (“AI”), announced its new integration with Shopify, a global leader in providing essential internet infrastructure for commerce. This integration marks a significant milestone for Windfall as it sets out to redefine the way retail businesses harness data to better identify their best-performing customers and personas, understand cohorts or segments of users, and engage in remarketing or net-new acquisition efforts. 

Windfall seamlessly integrates its people intelligence into Shopify's platform, enabling retailers to better understand their customers, activate marketing workflows for retargeting, and make informed data-driven decisions to maximize revenue. Retailers can access a comprehensive suite of AI and analytics to gain deeper insights into their customer and prospect database and tailor effective marketing strategies.

“We are excited to announce this integration with Shopify, which represents a significant step forward in empowering e-commerce and retail businesses with data-driven solutions”, said Arup Banerjee, CEO & Co-Founder of Windfall. “By combining our people intelligence with Shopify’s platform, businesses can easily integrate Windfall into their existing workflows, unlocking new levels of customer understanding and driving efficient revenue growth.”

Windfall’s integration with Shopify empowers businesses like Simon Pearce, a valued customer leveraging Windfall on Shopify, to gain invaluable insights into their customer base and streamline their marketing and sales processes.

“We’ve been looking forward to Windfall’s integration with Shopify since we kicked off our partnership! We’re excited to leverage the enriched data to deepen knowledge of our customers and drastically simplify segment activation in Klaviyo and Attentive,” said Jay Benson, CEO of Simon Pearce. “Additionally, the Windfall integration will support much more frequent, automated data refreshes, enabling Shopify to be our primary platform for our marketing and sales teams.”

To learn more, register for the upcoming webinar on Windfall’s integration with Shopify or visit windfall.com.


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