Harness the power of machine learning to drive results

Reveal new growth opportunities and tap into customer potential. Power campaigns that go beyond the standard limitations of manual work – all with greater precision, accuracy, and ROI.

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Find, attract, and acquire ideal prospects

Acquire net-new prospects who look like your very best customers. Leverage high quality, deterministic data to gain high quality leads. Windfall's lookalike modeling increases ROAS by letting you focus spend on the right people. 

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Prioritize prospects likely to convert

Understand which leads should be your priority and activate them into the right workflows. Real-time lead scoring enables sellers to prioritize outreach. Automatically route hot leads into high-impact, white-glove marketing campaigns.

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Supercharge results with Windfall Propensity to Give

Use the Windfall Propensity to Give machine learning model to surface leads and donors who are the most likely to give so you can focus your efforts, make the right level of request, and maximize results.

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Leverage Windfall data science to meet unique needs

No two organizations are exactly alike. Our unique approach to machine learning goes beyond generic industry propensity models, and delivers bespoke models based on what is important to your unique organization.

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Explore the power of machine learning and AI.

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