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Welcome to the All-New Windfall Application

Windfall Team

Since 2016, Windfall has been delivering incredible ROI, growth, and efficiency gains for marketing and sales teams through the Windfall Platform. Over the years, our Platform has evolved to become incredibly feature-rich, with capabilities that include data enrichment, advanced analytical insights, AI and machine learning, audience construction, and cross-channel campaign activation. For over 700 organizations, Windfall has become a must-have competitive differentiator that is a critical driver of revenue and growth.

In the past, these capabilities were solely delivered to customers through internal tools used by Windfall’s Customer Success team. While organizations benefited from the actionable data and insights we delivered, organizations did not have access to the Platform – and all of its value-driving features – directly.  

Now, for the first time in the history of Windfall, we are making the rich features in the Windfall Platform directly available to commercial go-to-market teams through an intuitive, easy-to-use interface: the Windfall Application

The Windfall Application unlocks a wide range of use cases critical to empowering data-driven organizations, including:

  • Segment and market analysis – Accurately measure market potential and perform ad-hoc cohort analyses to help inform strategic planning and decision making
  • Automated data-driven workflows – Create rule-based workflows to help automate and increase conversions, which removes tedious manual steps
  • Predictive propensity scoring – Score leads and customers for smarter lead prioritization and routing, leveraging best-in-class machine learning technologies
  • Intelligent retargeting campaigns – Boost retargeting ROI with extended match rates that complement first party data, including digital, social, TV, and direct marketing
  • Net-new acquisition of high valued leads – Create and activate highly valuable look-alike segments into cross-channel campaigns based on your ideal customer profile 
  • Omnichannel attribution for campaigns – Test and optimize your segmentation and targeting strategy across multiple channels, marketing campaigns, and sales strategies

The general availability of the Windfall Application illustrates Windfall’s commitment to providing a best-of-breed solution and is an important first step in putting the high voltage power of the Windfall Platform directly into the hands of the teams who use Windfall to manage campaigns, drive business decisions, and supercharge revenue. 

While this transformation is exciting for Windfall, it’s even more exciting for our customers. The impact of directly accessing Windfall through our Application is that marketing and sales workflows are faster, more efficient, and more optimized for continuous and expanding use. It has been a joy to work closely with our beta customers as they have been testing and using the Application for real-world marketing and sales use cases, and we expect widespread adoption across all commercial customers now that it is fully available. 

Want to learn more? Contact us today to get a demo of the new Windfall Application. 


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