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Windfall Launches New Wealth Screening Capabilities to Supercharge Nonprofit Fundraising and Donor Insights

Windfall Team

Windfall helps nonprofit and commercial organizations make critical strategic decisions by putting their databases in a contextual framework through advanced wealth intelligence. Today, we announced new capabilities to help nonprofits enhance fundraising and donor insights. 

Built into Windfall’s wealth intelligence solution that focuses on quality, accuracy, and being up-to-date, the new capabilities give prospect research and development teams important, new insights so they can precisely identify a larger pool of individuals likely to be high-value donors and lifetime constituents.

The first new capability is that we are now providing intelligence for all levels of wealth. It’s not just wealth intelligence on the wealthy, it’s wealth intelligence on everyone. This new enhancement enables development and advancement professionals to quickly and efficiently gain wealth insights on all prospects. The broadening of wealth data into your entire constituency enables deliberate targeting, personalization, and segmentation, informing you and your team on how to effectively engage with all potential donors.

When it comes to wealth screening, it’s commonly understood that for prospects, the higher their net worth, the larger their potential donation. However, just because a prospect falls under the $1MM net worth figure, does not mean there is no potential donation or value there. Windfall’s enhanced new wealth screening now enriches data for non-affluent households (as well as for the affluent), so you can engage all relevant audiences with more tailored outreach, such as finding constituents who have donated to similar nonprofits. This will drastically broaden your potential donor base.

The second feature we are rolling out is career intelligence, which provides critical context on prospects’ ability and likelihood to donate. With up-to-date data on 25+ career and firmographic attributes, such as employer, job title, job start date, company size, and more, Windfall enhances prospect research efforts to gain a 360- degree view of a constituent.

Career intelligence, along with the expanded wealth data feature will take donor research, prospecting, and engagement to the next level. These new enhancements will help organizations identify new prospecting opportunities, gain deeper insights, and activate more effective campaigns.

Windfall Wealth Screening has been successfully serving the likes of Big Sky Youth Empowerment, Great Old Broads for Wilderness, IFAW, and Iowa State University, and we will continue to be the premier wealth intelligence provider as we expand our capabilities and product offerings. 

To learn more about Windfall’s enhanced wealth screening capabilities, register for our upcoming webinar to dig deeper into the new features, and learn from the University of Minnesota about how they are fully leveraging Windfall and planning their wealth screening strategy around these enhancements. 

View the official press release here.


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