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Supercharge Your Customer Engagement Workflows with Windfall’s New Shopify Integration

John Dao

We are thrilled to announce an exciting new partnership with Shopify and to add them to our growing list of partner integrations. Windfall’s new Shopify integration will revolutionize how you segment and engage customers by providing access to accurate consumer insights directly within Shopify.

Why Windfall?

Windfall has developed a proprietary dataset of deterministic consumer data on over 90 million US households to help retailers and brands better understand their ideal customer profile, create data-driven workflows, and fuel paid media through high-quality marketing segments.

Key Benefits of the Integration

1. Uncover Customer Insights

Windfall’s Shopify integration empowers retailers to make more timely, data-driven decisions. Our new integration creates metafields and enriches customers in your Shopify store with people intelligence and data insights. This enables retailers to better understand their best customers, develop remarketing campaigns, and identify opportunities for upsell or cross-sell. Retailers gain deeper insights from Windfall’s AI-driven platform to tailor effective marketing strategies. 

To illustrate how this works, consider a home furnishing retailer planning for the upcoming holiday season. Their goals include reactivating dormant shoppers, re-engaging occasional customers, boosting repeat purchases from one-time shoppers, and capturing additional wallet share from loyal customers. With Windfall, this retailer can better understand each of these segments to create more effective holiday campaigns using data attributes like demographics, homeownership, interests, and life events. For example, they could identify a segment of dormant shoppers who recently moved, or one-time shoppers who own multiple properties that are key targets for reactivation. 

2. Create Shopify Workflows

Enhanced customer insights go hand-in-hand with data-driven workflows. Windfall’s data can help improve campaign performance through increased personalization, which positions your brand as a trusted partner by selecting relevant products to highlight in outreach. Segmentation can be used in conjunction with purchase behavior, loyalty tiers, or other first-party data to improve open rates, conversion rates, and initial order value. One frequently requested use case that we heard from customers and influenced our decision to build out the integration was increasing the intelligence powering remarketing campaigns. Windfall can help refine your strategy beyond automated abandoned cart emails by identifying subscribers or customers with the capacity to increase their spend with your brand and activating workflows within the Shopify ecosystem.

3. Enhance Customer Reactivation

With the upcoming peak season, Windfall can amplify your marketing reach beyond email and SMS marketing campaigns. While optimizing these sequences and leveraging accurate data as trigger events is important, consumers often require additional touchpoints in their path to purchase. 

An additional benefit of Windfall’s Shopify integration is unlocking the ability to leverage Windfall’s application for social and digital retargeting. By harnessing the power of Windfall’s people intelligence and identity graph, retailers are able to augment lifecycle marketing campaigns with paid media. Whether it’s winning back lost customers or surfacing additional product categories to new customers, you can leverage Windfall’s application to increase the match rate and reach of your remarketing efforts. To learn more about Windfall’s application you can explore how it works here

4. Acquire New Customers

Once you’ve uncovered customer insights, built data-driven workflows in Shopify, and leveraged the Windfall application to improve your paid marketing strategy for customers, you may be wondering what’s next. Once you’ve set up the Shopify integration, you can leverage these learnings to develop net-new marketing segments through Windfall’s application.

By learning more about your highest-value customers from Shopify, Windfall can develop custom look-alike audiences that can be leveraged across marketing channels (e.g. Google, Meta, Pinterest, StackAdapt, Hulu, etc.). These audiences put your brand in front of your next best customer online, regardless of where they consume their media, and alleviate the need to rely on broad in-platform segments.  

Getting Started

Are you ready to take your e-commerce efforts to the next level? Getting started with Windfall’s Shopify integration is simple. Our dedicated support team is here to assist you through the implementation process and answer any questions you may have. Request a demo to learn more here.


The integration of Windfall with Shopify is a game-changer for retailers. By leveraging accurate consumer data, you can elevate your marketing campaigns, identify candidates for upsell/cross-sell, and personalize your engagement like never before. 

To learn more, register for the upcoming webinar and visit windfall.com

About Windfall

Windfall is a people intelligence and AI company that gives go-to-market teams actionable insights. By democratizing access to people data, organizations can intelligently prioritize go-to-market resources to drive greater business outcomes. Powered by best-in-class machine learning and propensity modeling, Windfall activates insights into workflows that engage the right people for each respective organization. More than 800 data-driven organizations use Windfall to power their business.


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