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Windfall Brings AI to Higher Ed with New Affinaquest Integration

Kyle Curry

As the leading provider of wealth intelligence, career data, and AI to higher education institutions, healthcare systems, and nonprofits, we were excited to announce our newly launched integration with Affinaquest Advancement RM this week. Adding Affinaquest, a market-leading advancement software built on the Salesforce platform, to our growing list of technology partners provides fundraising professionals with automated wealth screenings, career intelligence, and AI-driven propensity modeling.

The Path to a New Affinaquest Integration

Over the past several years, Affinaquest has attracted an increasing number of organizations drawn to its unique feature set and solutions for helping them improve fundraising, build stronger relationships with constituents, and create a seamless donor experience. Windfall has been the wealth screening vendor of choice for these organizations, which have stated that Windfall's industry-leading data accuracy, precise net worth estimates, and confident wealth and career data triggers, which can be added directly to workflows, have been a game-changer in their advancement strategy. 

In the past year, a growing number of our mutual customers have requested that we enhance our bidirectional Salesforce integration to serve the needs of Affinaquest Advancement RM users. Most importantly, more and more colleges, universities, and other organizations are making the move to harness the power of AI to drive increased fundraising performance. With the support of our customers, we moved forward with developing these features.

4 Key Benefits of the Affinaquest Integration

1. Improved Fundraising Strategy

Integrating Affinaquest Advancement RM and Windfall empowers nonprofits to make data-driven decisions. Specifically, the integration enables Windfall to provide automated hourly, daily, weekly, or ad hoc feeds of data that prospect research and advancement teams can utilize in their prioritization and outreach to donors, alumni, and other constituencies. You can now allocate resources more efficiently and create fundraising strategies that align with your donors' profiles and preferences, increasing your chances of hitting your fundraising targets. Easily prioritize constituents using precise net worth, discover hidden gems, and understand the best engagement methods. 

2. Powering AI for Prospect Identification

Identifying potential major donors and “hidden gems” just got easier. Windfall can seamlessly incorporate your Affinaquest Advancement RM constituent data into our AI solutions, including giving history and engagement details. This data can be leveraged to create custom propensity models unique to your organization's goals and score each constituent in your database for their likelihood to make major gifts, planned gifts, and more.

3. Enhanced Donor Profiles with Career Intelligence

Windfall will seamlessly read and process donor information in Affinaquest Advancement RM to match against it and automatically deliver valuable insights directly into your CRM. This means you can access detailed information on your donors' estimated net worth, wealth insights, and career intelligence and quickly add this data to reports and workflows. Determine who might be a C-suite executive, reveal more employees at companies with matching gifts, and track your alumni and donors’ career changes like promotions and retirements. This deep understanding empowers you to tailor your outreach and engagement strategies effectively.

4. Personalized Communications

With Windfall's insights, you can personalize your communication strategies. Craft tailored messages, appeals, and engagement plans that resonate with your donors on a personal level. You can nurture stronger and more meaningful relationships by addressing their specific interests and capabilities.

How Fundraising Professionals Can Take Advantage of Windfall’s New Affinaquest Integration

Windfall’s new integration with Affinaquest Advancement RM has transformed how organizations use wealth, career, and propensity data. By leveraging the power of Windfall, you can elevate your donor management, identify major donors, and personalize your engagement like never before. Getting started with the bi-directional integration is simple. Our dedicated support team is here to assist you through the implementation process and answer any questions. Request a demo to learn more here or register for our upcoming webinar.


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