Foundational Series: Creating a Data-Driven Sales & Marketing Machine in Hospitality & Travel

Tuesday, May 14th, at 12:00 PM ET / 9:00 AM PT

How do you drive more new HNW leads to your sales team? How do you empower sales with more context to identify upsells and engage the right people at the right time? Which lead sources are providing the highest ROI?

Without the right data and strategy in place, private aviation brands face substantial hurdles in understanding ideal customer personas (ICPs), assessing Total Addressable Markets (TAM), and efficiently acquiring net new customers. Relying solely on first-party data and overspending on traditional aviation marketing methods, like magazine ads or sponsorships is no longer sufficient. Modern wealth, liquidity, and aircraft ownership data can help your organization go beyond first-party data to drive unparalleled segmentation, targeting, and engagement experiences. 

Join Windfall's SVP of Customer Success, Mike Vincent, and Customer Success Manager, Devan Bahr, to discover practical ways to incorporate wealth, liquidity, and aircraft ownership data into your sales and marketing workflows to accelerate growth, along with best practices for measuring results. 

This session will explore:

  • The advantages of modern wealth, liquidity, and aircraft ownership data
  • Best practices for implementing data-driven sales and marketing for better outcomes
  • Opportunities to leverage machine learning and AI to enhance your strategies
  • Measuring the impact of your efforts to maximize your ROI
  • Bonus: Use cases and examples from existing Windfall customers

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Mike Vincent (2)

Mike Vincent

SVP of Customer Success, Windfall

Devan Bahr

Devan Bahr

Customer Success Manager, Windfall

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