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10 Ways for Independent Schools to Maximize the Benefits of Windfall Wealth Insights and Career Intelligence

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It’s a well-known fact that wealth screening data is invaluable to nonprofits and schools, but many organizations are uncertain about how to effectively apply this data to supercharge their initiatives. So, to help your school get a head start with data, Windfall has provided 10 ideas on how to apply our wealth and career data to better drive your most pressing use cases.

1. Find constituents who qualify for major giving programs

If you’re looking for constituents who can give at a major gift level for your next capital campaign, leverage Windfall attributes to identify potential donors who have both high net worth and high liquidity. 

To find affluent constituents, look at Windfall’s Net Worth attribute to find affluent individuals (with wealth over $1,000,000). You can also apply the Multi-Property Owner trigger or the Trust Association attribute as other signals of wealth. Then, to determine whether constituents have high liquidity, look at liquidity triggers, such as Windfall’s Liquidity trigger and the Money in Motion trigger. 

2. Build a pipeline of potential leadership gift donors 

Boost your annual fund by applying data to better identify donors who can give leadership-level gifts and have a philanthropic propensity. To find these “hidden gems,” use Windfall’s Net Worth attribute. You can also identify which of these donors are philanthropic by either leveraging your internal data to identify constituents who have donated to your organization or by applying Windfall’s Philanthropic Giver attribute to find constituents who have demonstrated philanthropic tendencies in the past.

3. Identify qualified planned giving candidates

Finding attributes and triggers that effectively signal qualified planned giving candidates can be tricky. Windfall recommends that, in order to find donors who are financially savvy, leverage Windfall’s Trust Association attribute to identify constituents who have their assets in a trust. And, if you want to further enhance your search, you can layer on your internal volunteer and event engagement data to pinpoint constituents who are truly dedicated to your school. 

4. Invite high-value constituents to your fundraising-focused events

In order to determine which constituents to invite to and prioritize for exclusive events, such as auctions or galas, you’ll need to understand their wealth. This is a great opportunity to leverage Windfall’s Net Worth attribute, or other wealth signals, like Trust Association or Multi-Property Owner. By using these signals to identify affluent constituents, you can more easily: 

  • Build effective stewardship lists for your event’s leadership 
  • Create seating charts that will connect high-value donors with your key staff and board 
  • Maximize the results from your post-event engagement 

5. Determine which constituents are able to donate to your auctions

When looking for constituents who can donate items for your auction, leverage other data points in addition to Windfall’s Net Worth. For instance, if you are looking for constituents who can donate time at vacation properties, use the Multi-Property Owner attribute. Or you can look for constituents who have a Small Business Owner attribute to identify constituents who are SMB owners and who may be able to donate goods or services as part of the auction. 

6. Maximize alumni engagement at events through better location targeting 

When planning cross-country alumni events, leverage Windfall data to identify where the largest number of your affluent constituents and donors live. It’s very possible that your most valuable donors may be living in regions outside of the typical locations such as New York or San Francisco. Filter your constituent database by those who have at least $1,000,000 in net worth and then leverage your internal address data to measure where the largest number of affluent constituents live. 

7. Enhance and personalize stewardship messaging

To ensure that your school is getting the most out of your stewardship program, align your messaging with the nonprofit categories that your wealthy constituents care about the most. Apply Windfall’s Philanthropic Cause (NTEE Codes) attribute to identify what nonprofit causes, such as the arts, education, health, etc, they most care about. For example, if a large percentage of your affluent donors donate to environmental causes, then, in your stewardship messaging to this percentage, you may want to highlight what your nonprofit is doing to support and protect the environment, even if it’s not your primary focus. 

8. Enhance and personalize alumni marketing 

You also can enrich your school’s messaging beyond stewardship with Windfall data. As part of your school’s marketing efforts and alumni publications, use Windfall attributes, such as Philanthropic Cause (NTEE Codes) and Philanthropic Focus, to better help you determine what kind of topics to promote. For instance, if a majority of your constituents donate to health-related causes, then it may be helpful to promote content and messaging related to those very issues. 

9. Find and Cultivate Up-and-Comers and Rising Stars with Career Data

Go beyond wealth intelligence and leverage Windfall’s Career Insights to identify rising stars. Career attributes, such as Job Level, are good indicators that donors are “rising stars” who are likely to be affluent in the future.

Once you’ve identified key constituents, cultivate these rising stars through special campaigns or offer them unique access to special volunteer opportunities and special “under the hood” insights into your organization. 

10. Identify Constituents who Can Give Gifts of Stock

Stock-based donations offer a big tax advantage to both donors and schools, and they enable nonprofits to diversify their gift streams. When identifying qualified candidates for this program, you can look at 2 attributes: Net Worth to identify affluent constituents and our Money in Motion trigger, which identifies constituents who have recently received more than $10,000 in SEC insider trading forms.

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Even the best wealth screening data won’t help you if you’re not able to use it effectively. Windfall offers industry-leading wealth and career intelligence. We also provide you with a dedicated customer success manager to help you apply this data to maximize your fundraising outcomes. 

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